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"Transforming analogies from a perfectly suited vessel for such timely insights! This is a demonstration of "Marketplace Grace" at its best. May we all be inspired to see parabolic insights about the Living God through our daily business as Wende has done. A must read for all who thirst to know Christ more intimately!"

Pastor Terry Wayne Millender Victorious Life Church, Alexandria, VA

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The God Port
Jesus often taught in parables to help "enlighten the eyes of our understanding ", The God Port teaches us how to hear God's voice using parables and stories related to the internet.

The God Port is my journey in learning how to truly hear God's voice and increase my bandwidth for receiving God's revelation, wisdom and direction for my life and my business.

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"In a dispensation when everything rises and falls on technology and there is a generation that communicates more in megabytes then sound bites The God Port could not be more relevant and appropriate. Wende Jones is an example that all of us in the marketplace are called to be prophets and apostles within our various spheres of influence like Joseph, Nehemiah, Daniel and all those who came before us. Let he who has ears let him hear. "

Patrice Tsague Founder and Chief Servant Officer Nehemiah Project International Ministries, Inc.

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The God Port Daily Journal
Designed to accompany "The God Port: Accessing God in Real Time" by Wende Jones

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3-Keys to Supernatural Acceleration Audio Series and Workbook
3-Keys to Supernatural Acceleration Audio Series and Workbook

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2013- A Year of Fulfilled Expectations - Are you ready for Acceleration?

God is speaking. If you�ve been stirred with the desire for more understanding, more knowledge, and more impact you�ve 3 Keys Info Graphicbeen hearing His voice.

If you�ve ever felt

like you are behind everyone else,
that they know things that you don�t know,
that others have been preparing and planning and you have not, or
you were sitting on the sidelines or out there on your own�
...then discover the four key elements of acceleration that will �catch you up� to what He is doing on the earth! In 2010 God began speaking a message of access and acceleration to Wende Jones. He revealed what it is, why it�s needed and how it will bring us into the NOW of what He is doing.

This 7-week series will both explore and apply what God�s Word says about

your competitive advantage
your home field advantage
your resource advantage
We are called to unite together as a body and participate in the advancement of His kingdom here on earth until �The kingdoms of this world become the kingdom of our Lord and Christ�.

Gain understanding and application to

release witty inventions and divine insights
walk in the Favor of God
own the power of your assignment
access provision and resources
hear from the Master Business Advisor
This is a series is packed with insights that will encourage, refresh and accelerate you into your assignment in the marketplace and any other area of influence. It�s time to get off the bench and into the game! Let�s get started!

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