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Just Released - The God Port: Accessing God in Real Time

In a world of bits and bytes, where the swiftness of data forces life to move at light speed, we can get easily wrapped up in our own deadlines and the artificial environment we live in. In all that rush and noise, we risk the possibility of becoming disconnected from what is most important and losing the ability to hear God's message and feel His presence in our lives. If it were only as easy as plugging in a cable and downloading Him to fill ourselves with all the right data packets...

The God Port is the story of one woman's journey, creatively written in the vernacular of the day. In these pages Wende Jones draws insightful analogies and parallels from the World Wide Web. However, the life in the pages is the means to draw you into the heart of God and how to hear His voice clearly. For Wende, the goal is not just to hear God, but to experience the radical and passionate love that He has for each one of us.

What Others are saying about The God Port!
Michael Q. Pink
International speaker, business trainer, and best-selling author of Selling Among Wolves, and The Bible incorporated.

"Wende Jones has answered the age old question mankind has had for millennia...How do we communicate with God in a real, interactive way that allows us to not only express ourselves to Him but also to clearly hear Him?

Using computer technology as a contemporary illustration for effective communication with God, Wende points out the road blocks, hindrances, firewalls, etc we so often experience and shows how we can break through and have lively, interactive, life giving communication with God, 24 / 7."

"Wende uses her extensive knowledge of modern computer communication systems and in a very user friendly way that anyone can understand, draws easy to understand parallels of how to communicate with and hear from God as a lifestyle habit. This is a must read for anyone wanting to deepen their walk with God through hearing His voice."

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About Her Book
Dr. Bruce Cook
President, VentureAdvisers, Inc.

"Serial entrepreneur and CEO Wende Jones has struck a rich vein of gold with this book, and has mined rich nuggets of wisdom, truth, revelation and practical application in the Spirit from her position as a technologist, software engineer/architect, and business executive. This is a valuable resource for leaders everywhere. Wende is a world-class innovator and strategist, and now a world-class author. I recommend that you buy a copy for yourself and encourage others to do the same."

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